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Decentralized Crypto ETF

Smart Swap-Enabled DCA Platform

DCA Platform utilizing Smart Swap Techniques for Enhanced Profitability, combined with the advanced capabilities of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, alongside technical analysis, to optimize profitability for users.

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Mission & Vision

Declance's mission as an aggregating platform is to consolidate and display information and trading opportunities from a wide array of both centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges.
Global Liquidity Access Simplified

Streamlined access to globally listed tokens across centralized and decentralized exchanges using our UI interfaces and APIs.

Global Liquidity Access Simplified
Seamless Wallet-to-Wallet Swaps

Effortlessly swap tokens from one wallet to another with just a single click, receiving them in any wallet you choose.

Seamless Wallet-to-Wallet Swaps
Optimal Pricing

With Declance-AI swap, easily compare and get the best deals on cryptocurrency prices across a multitude of exchanges, ensuring significant savings on each swap.

Optimal Pricing
Emphasis on Non-Custodial Service

We empower users with full control over their assets, adhering to the principle: Not your key, not your token.

Emphasis on Non-Custodial Service

The Ecosystem

The application forms an all-encompassing ecosystem where technology, innovation, and a focus on user needs merge to create an exceptional digital experience. Our array of integrated services presents a complete solution for leveraging the capabilities of this groundbreaking technology.
Trading Platform
Staking Platform

Why Declance

In an era where traditional banking and fiat currencies are losing ground to blockchain technologies, the power to shape investment futures is shifting into individual hands. Positioned at the vanguard of technological evolution, we are committed to advancing and embracing cutting-edge innovations, offering a gateway for seamless entry into this new financial paradigm.
Fully Decentralized

Fully Decentralized

Declance users benefit from transparent, verifiable transactions, true asset ownership, and reduced intermediary costs.



Designed as an accessible entry point to decentralized finance for broad adoption, our platform enables users to navigate the entire ecosystem with an easy-to-use interface.



The blockchain ecosystem of our platform forms a complete and integrated network of services. It is crafted to provide a holistic solution for users seeking to harness the capabilities of blockchain technology.

How we stand out

High (Accessible to diverse and global users)
Dynamic and responsive (AI-driven strategies)
Potentially higher (crypto market volatility)
Lower minimum investment
24/7 trading
Direct ownership of crypto assets
High (AI-driven personalization)
Additional features like staking and P2P transactions
Fewer geographical and institutional restrictions
Traditional ETFs
Varies (generally high but limited to certain markets)
Static (fixed portfolios)
Lower (traditional market stability)
Higher minimum investment in some cases
Limited to stock market hours
Ownership of fund shares, not direct assets
Limited (mostly one-size-fits-all)
Limited to market trading
Established financial institutions' security
Subject to geographical and regulatory restrictions

Be part of us

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Act as a fiat gateway by providing liquidity to the declance platform, becoming part of the growing crypto economy and creating a business mogul within the decentralized financial ecosystem.

Become a Delegator

Be part of our governance and dispute resolution team by participating in the ecosystem decentralized Arbitrary System (DAS).

Become a Ambassador

Let's work collaboratively to foster a sustainable future. The ecosystem of our platform is expanding quickly, and your support can significantly contribute to our sustainability initiatives. Our commitment is strong towards harnessing the internet's potential for a more responsible and sustainable economic model. We invite you to join our mission and play a role in shaping a brighter future from this very moment!


DCA Token

DCA is an BEP token running on the Binance Smart Chain. As a digital representation that fuels the activities of the declance platform, DCA is minted with a fixed supply.
DCA Tokenomics
Token NameDeclance
Token TickerDCA


Maximum Supply420,000,000
BlockchainBinance Smart Chain (BEP-20)
WalletMetamask, Trust Wallet, etc.
Token Distribution
Token Sales to investors (31%, vested 12 months)
Staking and Ecosystem Rewards (34%, On Demand)
Referral Program6%
Company (35%, Vested 60 months)

ICO Ends In

Sold 0 DCA | Remaining 67,500,000 DCA
ICO #1
startJan 18th, 2024 11:00 CET
endJan 30th, 2024 00:00 CET
vesting12 months
networkBinance Smart Chain
ICO #2
Feb 8th, 2023 11:00 CET
startFeb 8th, 2023 11:00 CET
endFeb 20th, 2024 00:00 CET
vesting12 months
networkBinance Smart Chain
ICO #3
Feb 28th, 2024 20:00 CET
startFeb 28th, 2024 20:00 CET
endMar 8th, 2024 00:00 CET
vesting12 months
networkBinance Smart Chain
Public Listing on PancakeSwap
Mar 10th, 2024 11:00 CET
startMar 10th, 2024 11:00 CET
networkBinance Smart Chain

Buy $DCA Token (BEP-20)

Balance: 0

BUY > $10,000 GET 20% EXTRA DCA
BUY > $5,000 GET 10% EXTRA DCA
BUY > $1,000 GET 5% EXTRA DCA

Price: $0.04
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Q4 2023
  • Conducting market research
  • Validating the business model
  • Assembling the core team
  • Creating a premium brand
  • Formulating a strategic marketing strategy
  • Developing a plan and vision
  • Crafting the initial website (Version 1)
  • Establishing social media channels
  • Kick-off Airdrop Campaign
  • Developing and testing smart contracts
Q1 2024
  • V2 Website launch
  • Initiating the ICO round
  • Performing contract security audits
  • Registering the incorporation
  • Expanding the team
  • The completion of the ICO round
  • Awareness-focused marketing campaigns
  • Initiating discussions (CEX)
  • Presenting the concept (MVP)
  • Public Launch on PancakeSwap
Q2 2024
  • First listing on Tier 1 (CEX)
  • Commencing the staking platform
  • Post-listing Marketing Campaign
  • Onboarding Key Opinion Leaders
  • Partnerships with strategic collaborators
  • Beta Version release and testing
  • Additional listings on Tier 1&2 CEXs
  • On/off ramp integration/Partnerships
Q3 2024
  • Node operation campaign
  • Unveiling an AI Support dashboard
  • Release of P2P platform/app
  • Expanding international communities
  • Significant partner announcements
  • Expanding the workforce
  • Revealing Roadmap 24/25
  • Community Event

Q&A Declance Platform

Below is a Q&A section tailored for the Declance platform, covering its P2P functionality, Escrow service, DEX, Staking, and Wallet features.
What is Declance`s primary objective?

Declance aims to empower investors with a systematic, low-risk, and intelligent approach to investing in cryptocurrencies, ultimately helping them achieve better long-term financial outcomes. We revolutionize the blockchain ecosystem by offering services including AI-based swaps, P2P liquidation, and Staking, all with user-centric security and transparency.

How does the P2P Crypto Platform work?

Declance`s P2P platform allows users to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa using a vetted group of individual validators worldwide. Declance platform offers an intuitive interface, rigorous security measures, and a robust dispute resolution system.

How secure is the Escrow Service on Declance?

Our Escrow service acts as a trusted third party, holding funds until all transaction conditions are met. This ensures protection for both buyers and sellers, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities. Funds sent to the escrow contract are stored safely in our cold storage until a release command is requested.

Why choose AI-based swaps over a traditional order book?

The dollar cost average is one of the best possibilities to invest in a market. The idea is to "time in the market" and not "timing the market". With our AI model, you get even better insights into the market and save more.

What benefits does the Staking Platform offer?

Staking on Declance allows users to support network operations by locking in their cryptocurrency. In return, participants earn rewards, providing a passive income stream and a way to contribute to the platform`s growth.

How do I keep my assets safe in the Non-Custodial Wallet?

Non-Custodial Wallet ensures you`re the sole custodian of your private keys. This means full control over funds without relying on third-party services, offering both security and independence.

Is there a fee for using the Declance platform?

Transaction fees vary based on the service used. Declance uses a pay-to-go model (PAYG) where a flat percentage rate is chargeable on every transaction.

How can I become a validator or delegator on Declance?

To become a validator or delegator, register on our platform and navigate to the "Staking" section. Here, you`ll find comprehensive guides tailored for each role.

How does the referral and reward system work?

Users referring new members to Declance earn rewards based on the activity of the referred individual. Detailed terms and conditions can be found under the "Rewards" section.

Where can I seek support if I face issues on Declance?

For immediate assistance, navigate to the "Support" section on our platform. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you. Use our interactive AI chatbot for more complex queries.

The Team

A network of anonymous individuals who are adaptable, dependable, and persistent. Each team member has the necessary skills, prior development experience, a strong professional background, entrepreneurial inclinations, and talents.
Tokenomics Specialists
Full-Stack blockchain developers
Digital Marketers
Business Developers
Together, our team combines a variety of skills and experiences to deliver a top-tier, integrated blockchain platform that meets the needs of our users and pushes the boundaries of what's possible in the blockchain space.

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